Offered Services

Offered services of our company are primarily custom turning and milling as well as custom grinding and drilling orders too. We also support custom material dividing and if required, welding or locksmithery services can be arranged per request. Since September 2010 we offer CNC turning on CNC S50 type unit.

Lathe Turning:

We are able to manufacture products made from different steel including non-ferrous metal and also we provide repairs of damaged parts if possible.

Lathe Turning machine types:

- SU 50 - max. dia. 500x1000mm
exeptionally max dia. 630x4000mm
- R5 - turret lathe


We provide milling to maximum diameter 360x1000mm.

- FV28
- FA4A


- to maximum diameter of 60mm size of drill
- precise drilling on jig-grinding drill (SIIP) with precision of +-0.01mm

Grinding and Dividing:


- for shafts KU280 - dia. 250x750mm.
- for spans BDA80 - max. dia 150mm.
- flat grinding - table area 300x1500mm.

Dividing material on Band saw:

- circular profile max dia. 250mm.
- square profile max dia. 250x250mm.

CNC Turning:

- CNC Turning machnie type: S50 CNC
- max dia. Ø 270mm max
- max lenght 535mm max

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